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    Quote Originally Posted by CoryWinget81 View Post
    None of these are directed at the player, and therefor not an infraction.
    this thread really needs to be closed and/or have the name changed

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    I believe if you read the whole context it is player to opposing player.

    OPThomas Prime cannot "mile high salute" in the face of Charles Woodson after scoring, but he can the crowd.

    Notice Steve Smith saying he is learning how to spin the ball without it being a "taunt".

    Mile high saluting fans = legal
    Mile high saluting C. Wood in the style of a "taunt" = illegal

    That is the fine print here.

    - GB2

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    thank god Von can still be Von posted an article clarifying this topic. Not much is really changing

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    I've never been a huge fan of a player taunting another player, however I will make one exception to that. When Easy ED blindsided the lb for green bay in the superbowl and then pointed at him as he lay there on his back? I was ready to suit up and go hit someone

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