Now that the 2nd preseason game is over here are my thoughts and concerns...

Manning and the starting WRs look good. DT, Decker, Welker all look great.
I like the "big play" potential of Holliday on the return, but it does look like teams are scheming to stop him.
O-Line is the biggest concern, too many stupid penalties, look like they could be an offensive weakness.
RB - Hillman is concerning me, his ball security not good. Ball and #39 (Can't remember his name) look promising.
D-Backs are looking like they still have some issues, hopefully DRC gets healthy and solves that.
Really missing Dumervil now! (Wolfe stretcher )
Need the Von Miller situation solved ASAP

Can't wait for next week to see the starters for most of the game, but Rams look like crap so far so not sure if they are a good test.