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yeah i dont remember if it was you who said it was too easy but i have to agree now i felt like it was toooo easy i just hacked a drone and it distracted death stroke and i just bombarded his tank

and scarecrow man i was hoping for a big boss fight the joker thing was cool but if this is the last game i wanted it to end with a bang with all villains pulling out the stops to try and kill batman but it just abruptly ended
So I didn't finish Deathstroke yet so can't comment on him. Don't care to do all the watchtowers and checkpoints.

But the game overall I have said was way way too easy. And I played on Normal which I don't normally do on this game.

Put it this way. I just started Lego Batman 3 and I've already had more boss battles in 2 levels than in the entire game of Arkham Knight. Not to say there weren't challenging battles in Arkham Knight. But they were all tank battles. I was major disappointed in that aspect.