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    when did you claim that and when did i make that response? there are so many of you here completely making stuff up.

    i know all of you are well aware that pressure is very important to a defense and not just sacks, you are the ones making the arguments that only suits you and you are accomplishing nothing but showing your ignorance to the subject.

    i mean, how many of you claim i said this or that about how well freeney is playing when i have not once said anything of the sort? i used an article about freeney that someone else wrote that reflects my opinion on the subject (how pressures are important), nothing more.

    pathetic smack talking donkey fans are pathetic. lol
    I said pressure is important it generally causes mistakes by QB's but not all QB's are effected by it. However our D-line has gotten more pressure and more sacks and Phillips has pressued the QB more times then Freeney had as well as had more sacks so in this argument it actually suits us more.

    Weve gotten pressure a recorded average of 10 times, yet recorded 11 sacks

    Your team averaged a recorded 6 pressures a game, and recorded 9 sacks

    Phillips pressured the QB 8 times this year Freeney 6 and he had more sacks.

    So yes pressures matter but we actually get more pressure.
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