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I would. Our defense is not good enough. I really really really hope they prove me wrong but I just don't see it.

It took a higher power assisting us Saturday to stay in the discussion after blowing a 20 point lead at home. Despite the refs blowing an obvious goalline stand on Murray 2 minutes earlier.

But I just don't see any rationale way we beat Bama even at home. We won't rush for our season average 325 like we did to Georgia. Nick Marshall surprised me with good passing against Georgia but he is going to have to be even better against Bama.

And our rush defense and secondary is soo bad. I don't see us holding them in check till the 4th quarter like we did Georgia.

And lastly of all Goergia is not Bama.

As good as we played for a majority of Saturday we are going to have to be even better on the 30th. If we are as 1 dimensional as we usually are Bama will eat us alive.

Still games are won on the field and not in off field discussions. So I have hope and maybe they can prove me wrong. Would love nothing more than to end Bama's title run.

But if somehow we win and also can get and beat a 1 loss Mizzou in the SEC title it will be interesting to see where we stack up against an undefeated Ohio St as a 1 loss SEC champion.
One thing is for sure Auburn has the offense to beat Bama,how many good running backs do you have down there? Man. I'll be rooting for you lol.....