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    My trip to denver for the Jags game! review

    Let me first start off by saying that my 6 day trip to Denver was awesome! The city is amazing. Friday we just stayed in my biddies apartment and went to the liquor store called Wallabys and got a LOT. Never realized gas stations don’t sell beer like in Ohio so it was weird seeing Liquor stores on every corner lol. Saturday we went out to downtown (my friend lives off quebec street) which was 25 dollar taxi ride each way everytime we went to downtown. That part kind of hurt. We ate at this pub with great burgers outside of downtown that day (I think in Cherry Creek). Later that night we went out to a bar called 1UP which had a bunch of retro arcade games in it which was awesome and went across the street to Jacksons (by coors field). That turned into a pretty crazy night out if you know what I mean lol.
    Sunday we went to the Broncos game which was great. Tailgated in Lot E which had beautiful scenes of the stadium and city. The game was really fun and I liked the whole stomping on the metal floor when the defense needed a stop on 3rd down. The place got verrry loud a few times! After that my friend convinced us that it wasn’t that far of a walk to downtown for dinner. Yea right! We walked all the way from the opposite side of the stadium in Lot E to Coors Field basically to eat at a place called Smashburger. Needless to say my legs were dead and I was kinda underwhelmed by the burger we had there. After the game and Smashburger we went to a bar called the Gaslamp which had ping pong and snowboarding videos which was really cool and then stopped by this apparent Boston sports bar next door that had a upper level patio which we also hung out at for a few beers.
    We then woke up Monday and went to breakfast at a place called Breakfast Inn/Dinner Too. Very good breakfast burritos and then made our way to Golden for a tour of the Coors factory. The tour was pretty cool that you could move at your own pace but the best was the free 3 beers at the end. I had no idea Coors made Killians and Blue Moon! We then went thru Golden and went to the top of Lookout Peak/Mtn which had great views of Downtown/Golden and Buffalo Bills Grave. Also had Snarfs subs which was about the greatest sub Ive ever had. The peppers were great on it. After that we went home and drank some more at his place haha.
    Tuesday we woke up and went back to Golden past it actually up into the mtns in this state park area that was about a 25 min drive up the mtn to get some pictures. Too bad it was realllllly cold and snowing up there. Got some great shots though!
    Last day we woke up and came home! All in all it was a awesome trip and I fell in love with Denver. I like that I felt safe downtown at night and it was really clean. By the way I ate so much green chili it was unreal. My body still hasn’t forgave me haha. You guys also have so many burrito vendors on every corner its ridiculous! They are everywhere! Never had the nerves to try a street burrito though.
    All in all it was a great trip and now Im thinking about moving out there. My friend that I went and saw said he can get me in at his place of work and I feel like now is the time to do it while im young! (24yrs old) I want to go back already and was really upset on the plane ride back to Cleveland…till next time denver!

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    I love 1UP. Mickeys 40oz. and arcade games? Can't go wrong with that.

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