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    Quote Originally Posted by DenverBlood View Post
    That's pretty lame if you rooted for your most heated rival just to see a conference title streak end.

    Being an Auburn fan I rooted for Bama to lose all three national titles they played in. Even if it meant ending the SEC's streak.
    I don't hate Florida State. That's the thing. Yeah they're our biggest rival, but I harbor no animosity towards them. I have family that are FSU fans so I wanted FSU to win for them as well. There are other teams that I hate much more than FSU anyway (Ohio St).
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    Quote Originally Posted by #87Birdman View Post
    didn't you say you rooted for bama to beat Oklahoma
    Not quite. It was complicated. And I wouldn't have done it if the national title was on the line.

    I wanted to be right against my OU buddy that the SEC was way better. But I said how stupid that was.

    And by Friday I was happy they had lost.

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