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    4,500 tickets remain for Chiefs-Colts game

    The first home playoff game of the post-Peyton Manning may not be televised in Indianapolis.

    The Colts have announced that 4,500 unsold tickets remain in advance of Thursday’s extended deadline to sell all non-premium seats. If the tickets aren’t sold by 4:35 p.m. ET, the game will be blacked out in and around Indianapolis.


    I heard it was more like 6,000. and its not just Indy. GB and Cincy are struggling to. weather and high ticket prices are factors

    Cincinnati, Green Bay and Indianapolis all reportedly have thousands of tickets still available for Saturday’s and Sunday’s action, leaving all three spots in danger of falling shy of a sellout. Teams generally must have all tickets sold out 72 hours prior to a home game or risk that game being blacked out within a 75-mile radius of the stadium.


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    I'm guessing the ticket prices are so ridiculous?

    Fans aren't confident they will win their games?

    Fans aren't interested?

    Indy, Cincy... and especially Green Bay????? Wow.... Shocker to me.
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    My guess is TERRIBLE weather, too expensive, and did I mention the terrible weather and how damn expensive it is?

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