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    Would rather have him now over relying on a rookie to be the #2 guy. Would be a signing of a cheap guy - could really be Decker replacement without the obvious advantage of having PM throwing to him up until now.

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    I LOVE my LSU guys, and I'd LOVE to see him on DEN
    Rod Smith for the HOF. TEBOW RULES!

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    Quote Originally Posted by #24 Next Champ View Post
    My question is why? This dude sucks...I'd literally go after almost any FA WR before him or just draft a WR
    Probably the same things would be said about Eric decker if he played with the panthers. Lafell has suffered poor stats cause he has a average QB throwing him the ball. If he comes here he will actually get passes thrown at him when he gets open

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    I've always really liked Brandon LaFell, ever since he came out of LSU in 2010. He's not a great athlete, not really fast, and an average route runner at best. However, he's big, strong, and would make a great possession receiver.

    In addition, he's probably going to command much less money than Hakeem Nicks or James Jones.

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