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I liked it a lot. My only complaint was they are pretty much acting like his thing with Felicity didn't exist.

Also the Arrow we all know I don't think would be so accepting and encouraging of Barry being a super hero.

I think he would've been way more cautious on his show and telling him it's too dangerous.
I think the thing with Arrow is the end of last season he really grew into accepting his role and his allies. So I could see him accepting Barry and the whole conversation wasn't there because I'm guessing there would be some questions about the speed lol.

As far as the show is I thought it was great and it is interesting reading comments on the web trying to piece together who is who. Like who is H. G. Wells.... I mean Harrison Wells lol. The main ones that have popped up since according to the producers he is a new character... So a name change but still a character we know is what most are guessing. The main two options are that he is Prof. Zoom AKA Reverse Flash, and the other option is that he is Thomas Oscar Morrow AKA TO Morrow who is more known as the creator of the Red Tornado.

But I think this and Arrow are very promissing and hoepfully DC continues to build this universe and do major stand alone arcs happen in the summer. Not what the AoS did with tying it to the Captain america movie in the middle of the season. Which becomes another turn off since I don't have the money or the time to go to the movie to make sense of what is going on in a TV show.