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Ok, I talked to my rep today about the GoPro.

She never heard back from the stadium management company people on this, so she could not give me a definitive answer.

But she did talk about it with all the other people in her office, and they all agree it should not be a problem. As long as it's in a clear bag, it should go thru no problem.

The GoPro is small, clearly designed for the home user, and should not be considered a professional device, and that's the term they use. They see the GoPro as a regular camera.

Size is really what they are looking for in a camera. If it looks professional, or requires extra stuff (tripod, cases, flashes, etc), it's gonna get refused.

They view the GoPro as a regular camera, so again, as long as it's in your clear bag, it should go right thru.

Dont strap it on your forehead right before you go to the gate.

Thanks JW! I think I may strap it to my chest and call myself Iron Man! Seriously though just going to take it and pull it out when i find it appropriate.

Thanks again!