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hanks for correcting me, BUT not totally sure but Madden was still with the team just not a HC. But I could be wrong.

Also losing in a super bowl is really nothing to CROW about especially since they got their asses kicked by the HC they traded to an arm pit of a team.

and the other wins were so long ago most of those players could be dead at this point, certainly not ready for prime time.

I'll continue to believe they have done little as a team since Madden stepped down as HC.
John Madden retired from coaching after the 1978 season and went to work as a broadcaster in 1979, a career that lasted almost thirty years.

Tom Flores coached the Raiders for nine years after Madden and won two Super Bowls during that time.

After Flores, the Raiders were in the playoffs six more times. The last time was when they lost the Super Bowl after the 2002 season.

Those are the facts.