A couple years ago my buddy made me laugh when he said he was buying box(ed) wine. I am not an alcohol snob, but I never thought of wine in a box being the best idea. For one thing, it sounds cheap to me. And then, what about the loss of flavour? And finally, do the good wineries put wine in boxes??

Well here we are. A couple of years later and guess what my wife and I enjoy? Wine in a box! I mean, she was the one to give it a go, given I was hardly drinking wine at the time. But she convinced me to taste it, and for the most part, it holds its taste. One more thing, it cost about half as much!

We like this canuck wine....Jackson Triggs - Riesling Gewurztraminer. I know, it's a mouthful! And why not, given it's kinda alright to drink a mouthful. Hey, it tastes good, is known for being a good wine, and a box contains over 5 bottles, and at a local price of just $40.

Hey, I have not drank much wine over the last decades, preferring a little rye or beer. But why not? It goes good with food, and gives me a nice, relaxed feeling. I'm talkin less than a glass a day, but I am glad we "stooped" to the box version!!