I posted a comment on an article on profootballtalk.nbcsports.com on Monday 01/12/15 in response to some not very nice comments on an article about Peyton Manning. Here was my comment-

kotybug96 says:
"Everyone on this blog can say what they want about Peyton Manning but he is the Greatest of All Time. Yes Tom Brady and all the other quarterbacks that have more rings blah blah blah, but if you look at overall career record breaking and the feets he has accomplished in his career you would know he is the Greatest of All Time. Not to take away from Tom Brady and the others saying they aren't great quarterbacks, because they are, this is talking about who overall has been the best all around! People can say what they want about Superbowl rings, but Superbowl rings are just something that sit on a shelf and collect dust, NFL records are something that stays on paper and people's minds forever! I also want to say something about people who jump on the bandwagon when a team is doing good and then boo a player in the stands when they have a bad game! That is classless and disrepectful! Peyton Manning isn't just a classy man on the field and a great player but he is a really good person off the field as well! He always puts the blame on himself when the whole team struggled! He is a classy and a very good person! I love Peyton Manning for the player and the man he is! No matter what! I want to see him come back! He brought this Denver Broncos team to what they are now! They have a bad couple of games and all of a sudden they are the worst team in the NFL to everyone! Classless classless! Also about the whole injury thing! They don't put that out in the open to make people question Peyton Manning's ability and when it comes out after the game they have to explain why he doesn't look like the player everyone knows he is! He will always place the blame on himself no matter what and that to me shows the most class over anything else! So to all the bandwagoners maybe think about what you do and say before you do it and say it and know how it effects the people you do and say them about!

Peyton Manning (the G.O.A.T) <3 4eva"

This was the comment I got in reply-

britguyabroad says-

"kotybug96- records get broken, Superbowl rings may sit on a shelf, but they sit there together. I don't think you can call Manning GOAT because he just hasn't done it in the postseason...and actually played poorly in a number of those critical games. 9 one and done vs Brady's 9 AFC championship appearances says it all.

Manning is a great player though, and one I respect."

I replied back with this-

kotybug96 says-

"britguyabroad- I respect the comments but this is my opinion to the comment about postseason record and not calling him the goat.
You are undoubtably right, Tom Brady has the best post season record of any quarterback in his 15 seasons of playing in the NFL, he has a record of 19-8. Peyton Manning doesn't have that record. Yes, when it comes to the post season Peyton Manning doesn't have the record that Tom Brady does. However, when it comes to the regular season and the 16 games it takes to lead a team to the post season that is where Brady is lacking. Manning holds 16 NFL records to Brady's 3 Superbowl rings. Brady may have the "Bling" but not the Prestige! Yes look at the great quarterbacks like Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw who have 4 rings and Troy Aikman with his 3 rings, they have the "Bling" but they don't hold any of the major NFL records that make a quarter back legendary. The great Brett Favre only holds 1 Superbowl ring and he is considered one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. To be a great quarterback doesn't mean you can only win a lot of games or Superbowls, hold a lot of records, or even have big stats; to be a great quarterback means you not only can do those things but you are a leader. You drive the ones around you to be better on and off the field. Games aren't won by 1 person they are won by a whole team. Look at the 2008 season when Tom Brady hurt his knee in the 1st game of the year and back up quarterback, Matt Cassel, stepped up and lead the Patriots to an 11-5 season. They didn't make it to the post season no, even with an 11-5 record, but they won 11 games despite not having Brady at quarterback. Why... because they already had the talent and they have arguably the best coach to ever coach in the NFL, Bill Belichick. However, in 2011 when Peyton Manning underwent 4 neck surgeries and was out for the season the Colts, had the worst record in the NFL, 2-14, after coming off a season where they went to the Superbowl. Why... because thir real leader, Peyton Manning wasn't on the field to lead them. Brady is just a quarterback. Undoubtably a great quarterback, but none the less he isn't a leader. Peyton Manning is a player's quarterback, he isn't just a great quarterback he is a leader. He coaches the players on and off the field and helps groom them into the players they become. Tom Brady has players like, Gronkowski, Edelman, Moss, and even Welker who where great players before they ever played with Brady. Manning helped groom players like Reggie Wayne, Marvin Harrison, Pierre Garcon, and Demaryius Thomas into the players they are today or the players they were. Peyton Manning has won only 1 of the 3 Superbowls he has been to yes, Brady has won 3 of the 5 Superbowls he has been to. Brady has yes, won more Superbowls but he has also been to 2 more Superbowls than Manning because of the teams he was surrounded by and yet has lost just as many. People put a lot of stock in the greatest quarterbacks have the most rings and if so then Brady is it. I'm an 18 year old girl that only started watching football 6 years ago. I come from a family of football lovers, a couple football players, and a highschool football coach. I've got a grandma and grandpa that have loved and watched Peyton Manning since he played at the University of Tennessee. I've grown up playing sports, but when I started watching Peyton Manning play football and saw how much he loves the game and how much passion he has for it on the field that is how I wanted to be in everything I do and every sport I play. Watching Peyton Manning inspired me and drove me to become 1 of the top 10 female youth bowlers in the state of North Carolina! Peyton Manning is inspirational on and off the field, people want to strive to be him. People, yes, want to strive to be like Tom Brady too if so they can have at it. I personally am not inspired to have a body coach, be married to a supermodel, and grace the cover of GQ magazine all the time. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with that at all. I'm someone who draws inspiration from a person like Peyton Manning who gives back to his community, someone who hosts a football camp every year for kids with his brother and father Eli and Archie Manning, is a family man, and someone who as it was stated in a magazine article and I quote "has one of the top 10 worst bodies for a quarterback in the NFL." Peyton Manning is classy and great; yes, but people forget that this is a quarterback that played for a team for 14 season, # 1 pick overall in the 1998 draft and got unceremoniously dumped by said team after being out for a season with an almost career ending injury. 14 season he spent with a team, took them to 2 Superbowls and countless divisional titles and then got traded by said team so they wouldnt have to pay him the millions of dollars they owed him. Peyton Manning ventured into the unknown at the start of the 2012 season when he signed with the Denver Broncos but he persevered and lead them to the post season that year. He came back the next year and had a record breaking season for a quarterback and also lead the Broncos to a Superbowl. Before Peyton Manning came to Denver they had 1 post season appearance in 7 years, since 2012 they have been to the post season 3 years in a row, mostly because of Peyton Manning coming to Denver and a little because of John Elway pusing to sign Manning to the team. That shows greatness and perserverance. Tom Brady on the other hand has had the same team and coach for the 15 seasons he has been in the NFL; whereas Peyton Manning has had 3 different coaches and 2 different teams in his 18 seasons in the NFL! To me the mark of a great quarterback is that they not only have the talent but the leadership and the humbleness to go along with it. Those 3 words talent, leadership, and humbleness embody Peyton Manning! Regular season stats, NFL records, leadership, perseverance, humbleness, and overall respect for football is what puts Peyton Manning head and shoulders over any quarterback playing or to have ever played football. Brady is the Postseason King and Peyton Manning is the Greatest of All Time! Even if Peyton Manning never takes another step onto a football field as a quarterback again I will always say those words and be a Peyton Manning Fan!! Hopefully if retirement is his plan then he can become the new head coach for the Denver Broncos!!!

I want to end this by saying I mean no disrespect to anyone else's opinions or feelings and I have the upmost respect for Tom Brady and the other quarterbacks to have ever played the game! Again these are just my opinions and feelings.

P. Manning 4eva <3"

I just wanted to post this so everyone can hopefully see my point of view and maybe understand why I say Peyton Manning is the Greatest of All Time!!!