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    Quote Originally Posted by Dennis.1960 View Post
    Funny, but none of us were complaining about the overtime rules when Tebow hit DT to beat the Steelers 4 yrs ago
    That's simply because most thought it was 'divine intervention'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dennis.1960 View Post
    Funny, but none of us were complaining about the overtime rules when Tebow hit DT to beat the Steelers 4 yrs ago
    When it works in your favor, it's the best ever. But when Rogers, Brady, Manning(s), or Brees don't get another shot, it's all boo-hoo around the NFL universe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Go_Bolts04 View Post could say that the Packers could have closed the deal several times in that game and never did. If they were truly the better team, they would have scored TD's instead of FG's. If they were the better team, they would have taken a 12 point lead to victory with less than 3 minutes to go. They did not.

    As far as the OT rules go. There will always be debate. But the rules were changed to make it more fair without greatly lengthening the game. As for Manning not getting the ball, or in this case Rogers. That's irrelevant. Both had the ball plenty of times during the 60 minutes of regulation play.
    Correct that is during regulation play. OT comes AFTER all of that. It is not only understandable but expected that a defense will be gassed at that point. With that in mind I think it should be each team gets the opportunity to touch the ball on the offense for a full drive....don't think that would be entertaining. Wait for the 4th down attempts when the previous team has scored a TD....that will be good football.

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    The Seahakws got the luckiest break of their franchise's career. The Patriots are accused of cheating again (deflating their footballs for the offense). I have to sit in the stands for this game and actually watch it. I am going to the Super Bowl and I have never been more miserable in my life. I am trying to sell my 1 ticket as I can't sell both.

    That OT rule is garbage.

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    Oh Yea...Right there!
    I would not blame overtime rules for the loss when the reason they got there in the first place was due to a muffed catch on the onside kick.

    Both teams made mistakes, but Green Bay's cost them the game.

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    Mods, should this thread be in Broncos football?

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    Quote Originally Posted by arapaho View Post
    Packers lost...they had the game won and played fox ball

    It is the same with our game....we want to touch the ball ...hold them...we didnt...the packers didnt
    This is how I feel. Allot of people realize the on side kick was a bad play but there were many plays that the Packers botched imo

    Not playing the fake FG too well. I do not blame the Pack that hard on this one but was a mess up.

    The int with abouy 5 mins left were Julious Peppers told the guy to hit the ground...he had a good lane to run to his left. Even if he did not score he gets them in FG range.

    Not getting to the 2 pt conversion. A ball thrown that far into the air...some packer should have made a play on it imo.

    Also the last couple drives the Packers were completely unable to stop the Wilson/Lynch version of the read option. They ran the same kind of plays against us so imo the PAck should have been prepared.
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    Seahawks played to the end. With close to 2 to go in 4th and down 2 scores, they still played their hearts out. They never gave up. IMO they deserve to be in the SB and good for them. Showed the most heart when down the most. Good job Hawks,OT rules are fine imo. GB had their chances
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    i think for playoffs game both team should get the ball, even if the first team scores a TD first

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brady6 View Post
    All Bostick had to do was block so Nelson can feild the catch. And all Dix had to do was knock away that 2pt conversion. I can't believe the Seahawks won that game.

    I do like the OT rules better than the old won. But I hope instead of winning the game with a TD, they give the other team a chance to score a TD, then sudden death starts.

    All Green Bay had to do was score atleast one touchdown,instead of making field goals

    All Green Bay had to do was stop the Seahawks from scoring

    All Green Bay had to do was stop being conservative..

    People kill me,acting like that Bostick and the Dix play were the decided factors of the game..did it contribute..Yes,but wasn't the reason the Packers loss....If you want to blame anyone blame the coach for being so conservative and the offense scoring field goals,instead of touchdowns.......You can not beat a team like Seattle scoring field goals....especially at their place...They even mentioned this during the game that the Seahawks team isn't built for coming back and yet everybody acted like a 16-0 lead was a 4 or 5 possession lead when it was only a two possession lead ...The score should of been 28-0,but the Packers couldn't score touchdowns in the first half of the game....

    With that all said,you gotta give the Seahawks defense credit for stopping the Packers,especially how long they were on the field in that game....
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    Seems I’m in the minority about OT here, and that’s fine.

    I just wanted to clear up one thing, though. aditheman and Butler By'Note, I’m with you all the way. My stance was apparently misread since Post 2. I really couldn’t dream of two teams I’d like to see headed to the Super Bowl less. But alas I will be rooting for Seattle, since I’m about as anti-Patriots as you come.
    They're your teammates, now.
    Best of luck, TT!
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    sbutk: i can see why Denver is taking TO's right now [trailing by 7, with 30 seconds left in the half]. but why Oakland???

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    Seattle played the full 60 minutes and Green Bay did not.

    Reminded me somewhat of our week 3 game where Denver came back in the final minutes to tie the game and send it into O/T.

    And the O/T rules are just fine. Green Bay had their chance on defense to stop Seattle from marching the full length of the field and score a TD.

    They didn't and Seattle deserved the victory.
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    Id argue that the packers clearly DIDN'T deserve to win that game.. They were the better team that day but they made far too many boneheaded mistakes and decisions for me to sit here and say they deserved to win.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flosstein View Post
    Like PI being a 15yrd, not 15yrd from spot of foul but that's another gripe for another thread on another day.
    This FTW!!! I have never understood how the NFL gives 15 yards from the spot of the foul for PI, it basically means that any QB can chuck it up far down field, and hope for a PI call and potentially be right in scoring range ... but as you said ... another gripe, another day!

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    What a cruel, cruel mistress the football season has been this year. A year after that devastating Super Bowl loss at the hands of Seattle, they're right back in it against New England. Truth be told, I can't live in a world where Tom Brady is considered the hands down greatest of all time, I just can't. I work with a lot of people all over the country and fans from the Boston are some of the worst. They cannot be allowed to hang their hats on that for the rest of time. As much as it pains me to say it, I'm hoping Seattle not only wins, but blows them out > 43-8. Then if Brady loses, you could say "he was good, but he was .500 in the Super Bowl so I'm taking X QB on my fantasy team."

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