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I think rather you have jumped to a lot of conclusions about me -the onus is on me and what I've done here today (like I'm on trial for it ), not you.

I think it will offer a chance for a mod to merge or retitle things -if they feel like it, though Entertainment is pretty low priority for management compared to GD.

I think it offers a place where stuff can go in the future so it can be found. The Marvel vs. DC thread was initially about the competition between those companies and it wandered into other tangents, or was used as a convenient place to dump info because this thread didn't exist yet. I don't see that as a valid container for everything as an ongoing thread, when it goes beyond the intent of the OP.

In comparison, look how many threads there are in GD, and how many expire when the topic is done. Should there just be one on-going thread to discuss all things Broncos? That's what you're trying to saying here.
I've changed my attitude since yesterday. If everyone wants to combine things into this thread I'm all for it. All I ask is to not have a ton of different threads to have to sort through. But it seems like others are open to the idea of this thread. So don't let me cause buzzkill.

Under this title I think we could at least have the mods merge Marvel Civil War under this thread.

Marvel vs DC is kind of iffy but I guess we would have to leave that separate since DC wouldn't fall under Marvel. And maybe that thread could just die off. And the comic book thread usually does die off.

I seriously wasn't harping on you the way you seem to have thought though. All I was asking was to not have 1 more thread to have to sort through.