Hey Chargers fans, so where do you see your organization headed in 2015 and beyond?

With the departure of Ryan Mathews it seems like Melvin Gordon is going to be the new guy in town carrying the rock. (Obviously he'll have to beat out Branden Oliver and Donald Brown for the job but if he's as good as the FO thinks he is that shouldn't be an issue.)

*Congratulations on that pick by the way I think he's going to be a nightmare for the Broncos for future years to come.*

However apart from Keenan Allen it seems your WR core is lacking a little depth. How do you think they are going to address these issues?

Also, star players Antonio Gates and Eric Weddle are still really good players imo but they are getting old.

It definitely seems like the Chargers are looking into the future while keeping the past in check (i.e. ensuring Phillip Rivers retires in San Diego.)