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Thread: 2015 Chiefs

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    2015 Chiefs

    Any Chiefs fans pop in here? What is everyones thoughts on this years squad? Im kinda a debbie downer on our 1st string O. I really haven't seen much improvement over last year there. I am liking our starting D and flat out loving the 2nd/3rd string on both sides of the ball. Of course, 2nd string doesnt mean squat until a starter goes down.

    What is everybody else seeing ?

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    Ok... I'm 57 years old and have watched the dumpster fire that we fans call the Chiefs. Ever since the team lost the longest game in 1971(?), the fans have been subjected to a sub-par product. The Chiefs forums have little activity and is subpar to this board. Every since the Todd Blackledge era, all that has happened is that the Chiefs give up a lot of draft picks for a QB that another team doesn't want.

    I play golf instead of watching this team; call me a fair weather fan; I was at the coldest game in history at Arrowhead (in the 80s) when the Chiefs stomped the Broncos and were accused of running up the score. It is just too painful to watch at this point.
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