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    Official Game Day Thread: Week 1: 2015 Ravens vs Broncos

    Hello Broncomaniacs one and all! I'm baaaaacckkk!!!

    Welcome to the official start of the 2015 Season and the 11th year of the Game day thread!

    We're back in the Saddle again, Time to shake off the off-season hibernation and wake up Broncos Nation!

    Yes we have a number of questions to start the year.

    We ended with a thud, regardless if it was due to Peyton's arm or injury, it was still bad. Which is why John Fox is out Kubes is in.
    Julius Thomas is gone along with pretty much all of last years offensive line.
    We have a new offensive scheme that we are tying to implement, and the pre-season did not exactly set expectations high for the offense as a unit.

    The new offensive line though will need to step up to stop the Raven's Suggs and Dumerville, who have 48.5 sacks over the last 2 seasons (2nd in the nfl). If Manning can't stand in the pocket he can't throw. The last time we hosted the Ravens, Peyton threw 7 TD's. I don't think we will see anywhere near that out put this time.

    I'm cautiously optimistic about this team. Yes we have issues. We also have Wade Phillips who knows defense's and is less cautious than Fox / Del Rio. The D appears to be our strongest point. Kubes knows his offense and knows Denver, if he can get the running game to what it was when he was the offensive coordinator, we can do some real damage. Provided we stay healthy.

    Over the last 10 years we started the season 6-4. Of the 6 wins 3 were on the road, 3 were at home. Of the 4 losses 3 were on the road one was at home. We opened the last 3 years at home with a win, let's try to make it 4!!!

    Going back to 2009, McDaniels loss twice on the road to the Ravens. Fox won on the road and at home against them in the regular season. Kubiak should be familiar with their offense so the D should be ready for what ever Flacco can throw at them.

    As a reminder of his record: Gary Kubiak
    Regular Season: 61-64 Postseason: 2-2 Experience: 8 Career record: 63-66

    I have faith in Sanders, Thomas and Anderson. I don't think Manning's arm is as bad as they are saying. By the end of the game we should all see. It was not like Denver was not lighting up the score board last year, it was that we had to do more on the ground as Manning's arm became an issue.

    As with every game, emotions run can run high. The Administrators do a hell of a job here tying to make this a great place. Please follow the rules as outlined and let's not make it harder on them.

    As I always end each post: Go Broncos!!!! Each season is a new challenge, Denver step up to it! I look forward to watching the game with my wife Birdy, my son and our 2 lil Bronco board babies!
    The Game Day Thread: Year 15 Now in progress.

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    Go Broncos!
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    Is it really happening.. someone pinch me! Can't wait to hear Mile High roar as we sack Flacco, lets go!
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    Waking up early, making some deep fried buffalo wings for breakfast (extra spicy to get the blood flowing,) gearing up.....................and then heading to the stadium!! Go Broncos!!!!!
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    I will be the equivalent of a 5 year old waking up on Christmas morning

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    Broncos 42
    Rayvinz 13

    Denver’s “D” will come out with ruthless tenacity !
    They will be relentless !!
    They will play with no forgiveness !!!

    So much so, the Broncos’ “O” will have countless opportunities !!!

    GO BRONCOS !!!


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    Oh my that sounds awesome. I love wings I love spice and I really love me some football. Mind me asking your recipe 😁. Go Broncos!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by VenomousDB View Post
    Waking up early, making some deep fried buffalo wings for breakfast (extra spicy to get the blood flowing,) gearing up.....................and then heading to the stadium!! Go Broncos!!!!!
    Going to the stadium? Sounds more like you'll be going to the bathroom! Lol

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    Go Broncos!!!!!!!!!

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    i've been waiting for this thread for over 200 days, so glad its here now

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    Oh my, here it is. The first official game day thread of the 2015 season.

    Happy to be back!

    Hoping for a win like the last time we had the Ravens here for the opener!

    And hoping no one needs me at work....

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    Man my emotions are all over the place. Can someone tell me a broncos story to calm me down...please!!!!!!!!

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    Let's go Broncos!!!!!!!!!!!

    Woo Babies!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sam24 View Post
    Going to the stadium? Sounds more like you'll be going to the bathroom! Lol
    Nothing like extra spicy to get the diarrhea flowing.

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    Can't believe it's finally here. I can't wait. See you all in the morning!

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