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    video creation desired

    I know that this is an odd request, BUT: I would love to have a video, but I am not talented enough. My video would start with Cam Newton standing up and saying something to the effect of: " If you do not want me to celebrate, then stop me". Then, it would have his face superimposed on the face of the character Tom Chaney ( True Grit 1969) when he has just been shot by the girl at the river and he cries "I just didn't think you'd do it!".A Broncos player standing over him would be awesome as well.A slight variation/improvement is okay but I would like to stay with the basic theme: a "man" makes a bold statement and turns into a whining boy when someone puts him in his place!

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    Haha nice. You might try asking Rich_C. Hes the man when it comes to that stuff. Not saying he'll do it but you can ask.

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    That is...a very specific request lol
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