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    The way Elway moved around the draft board by trading down from 10th overall last year is looking really good. That move allowed us to grab Dalton Risner, a rock solid day 1 starter, Noah Fant who despite some downs has also had some major ups, and Drew Lock, who is the most promising quarterback we have had in some time. Also, we have a 3rd round pick this year courtesy of that move, Elways best draft move, re positioning, and execution we have seen in my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by L.M. View Post

    If we lose another game (or get blown out again) some torches and pitchforks will come back out, that's a certainty. But the fanbase isn't united on this or any other topic. Even in 2015 there were people complaining the whole way to the SB.
    Seems there was constant infighting over QBs back then.....and to this day I believe a few folks were not really keen that Manning became the starter again, when the big boys came to play. Even though we won!

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    Quote Originally Posted by L.M. View Post
    If we continue to hit on some of our player selections and get back to the playoffs then IMO there's no need to alter anything. The F.O. will have proved that they learned from mistakes and assembled a roster that can compete. From the bigger picture of League history, teams go up and down and this will have just been an inevitable down phase within such patterns --which have been virtually nonexistent for Denver in the last fifty years, and one reason most fans have taken it so hard. Only the NE Cheetahs seem to sustain perpetual success though I suspect (and hope) that even their time is nearly up!
    I bet that when Brady retires, Beli wont be far behind, maybe just a year or two.

    And the pats will slide back into the mediocrity that they have enjoyed for most of the 60 years of their existence.

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    I will translate this thread into what I like with our current roster. Also what we need moving forward.

    QB- man I like Lock. I wanted us to draft him or Bush at 10 but was ecstatic when we landed him in the 2nd. Hes still raw, but the potential is on a Patrick Mahomes level imo.

    Allen has proven capable to be a backup if Lock ever goes down.

    RB- Lindsay and Freeman are legit and I see zero reason to upgrade here.

    WR- Sutton is another great draft pick by Elway and a legit #1. Patrick is solid, outside of them we need to upgrade.

    TE- Fant has George Kittle potential imo. As he gains experience he will be a top 5 TE in the league.

    LT- Bolles desperately needs replaced, he has overstayed his welcome at LT. Let Munch pick the guy. Im ok with sliding Bolles down to compete at guard too. LT should be our #1 offseason target.

    LG- Risner is a legit stud and another masterful pick by John. Should be an anchor for the next decade.

    C- I think we move on from McGovern. Hes been solid but we could use an upgrade.

    RG- Leary has got to go, fail on Elways part. Schlottman should be given a shot along with Bolles and Wilkinson to replace him.

    RT- James is a tricky one. I think we have no choice but to keep him for 1 more year. Put him on IR now and let him get healthy and find himself. We need him for next year badly.

    NT- I like Purcell, John should do whatever he can to keep him around.

    DE- So Wolfe, Harris, and Walker could all walk. We need to retain 2 of them in my opinion and sign or draft someone else. I think Wolfe is the odd man out. I also like the potential of Dremont Jones, though he hasnt shown much.

    ILB- thank the good lord for AJ Johnson, Elway extend this man like right now. Hes the only good ILB weve had since Danny. I think Jewell is solid as a backup, we need to add someone opposite AJ.

    OLB- We are in a pickle with Von. We could cut him loose and save some coin, or trade him for marginal value. Or extend him. I think hes got 2-3 highly productive years left. Im hoping Elway extends him, as long as it doesnt hinder us from keeping other guys in the next couple of years. He is no longer top 5 at his position, but still darn good. If Chubb fully recovers we are back in the saddle, the young guys who have gotten good playing time this year are proving to be capable backups.

    CB- I think Harris is good as gone. He wants to be paid as a top 5 CB and he simply is not one. Plus hes on the wrong side of 30. Let him walk, and draft a guy and sign a guy, and maybe Callahan comes back healthy to contribute. I think the youngsters have also proven capable of holding their own.

    S- Kareem Jackson was a good signing, he will be solid for a couple more years. Simmons is an absolute beast and must be either franchised or extended. He is a top playmaker on the back end and has to be around for the next decade.

    K- Im ho-hum about McManus, bring in competition for him but Im ok if we keep him too.

    P- Elway really needs to nail this one, he has swung and missed on a punter nearly as much as he has at QB.

    My key offseason needs;

    1. LT- we have to get someone to protect Locks blind side. Again, I say let Munch evaluate and basically pick who he wants. This should be our 1st round pick.

    2. CB- we will need to replace Harris and that guy isnt currently on the roster imo. 2nd round maybe?

    3. WR- need a #2. Quick guy who can stretch the field. Also think we need a crafty vet to work underneath. If Edelman becomes available, wow.

    4. C- if we lose McGovern this is a big need.

    5. DE- assuming we keep 2 of the above mentioned guys, we still need one. Imagine signing Chris Jones away from the Chiefs.

    6. ILB- I love Johnson, he needs a sidekick. Someone who can cover backs and TEs.

    7. P- must find the right guy here. In Denver, he should be at the top of the league on every category.

    We are so quick to point out Elways flaws, and their are many, but look at our young nucleus;


    He hit homeruns with all of these guys. If he nails the 2020 offseason, were back in the thick of it.

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