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Thread: Stadium Seating

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    Stadium Seating

    I am wanting to buy tickets to a game this year. My question is about seating. I don't have a lot of money, and want decent seats. I found lower bowl 50yd like every tickets to the ATL game for 915 for 2. Section 230s tickets for 500, and nose bleeds for around denver 400. Again, this is for 2 tickets.

    My question is are the end zone seats good? If the teams are on the other side of the field, can you see the action?

    I tried posting this in another section, but had no answers. I kind of want info fast so I can get my tickets now. Thanks.
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    I have sat in multiple locations and never felt like I had a bad seat. I have sat in a suite and in the upper level and enjoyed both. With the big screen replays it is hard to miss action. Have fun!

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    End zone seats are good as well? Even if the teams are on opposite side of the field?

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