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    The ship has turned

    This place looks deserted so I thought I'd say hello. This year the Raider offense looks to be taking off. As good as it has been so far, Carr still has much he can improve. I think he checks down a little soon while wr's are open downfield and doesn't always recognize when Cooper has single coverage. Wr's doing well but still too many dropped balls. Having said all that, the offensive numbers are very good and when they clean up the above mentioned points, soon they will be scary good.
    Defense is young and gives up too many scores but the good news is that they are young and getting to know each other. This is a work in progress and seems to be getting a little better each week.
    Special teams has been very exciting especially Marquette King with his 50+ yard coffin corner kicks. This guy is amazing.
    Bottom line: It's been long overdue but these aren't the same old Raiders anymore. This rivalry will get very fun again!

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    The Silver and Black are back. Regardless of what the Broncos or any team in the AFC West think!
    Ready for Autumn Winds!

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    And kept going and made a Uturn
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