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If kubiak is still coaching this team... then we won't be likely to be going anywhere next year either. Our SB win this year was despite his coaching, not because of it. He's not a good head coach. It's too bad that Elway can't look at kubiak's coaching decisions objectively. Our offense was a joke last year. It's a complete laughing stock this year. Our defense has us with an over .500 record, but they're losing the battle. I believe that they've been starting to lose heart... due to the disheartening way our offense has played and the failure our HC. How could their morale have possibly remained high as this season has played out? How many marriages thrive where one partner gives 100%, while the other mails it in day after day? There's NO way that our defense hasn't been affected by the disproportionate burden they've carried.
I like the marriage analogy. The defense has done the best they can do given the circumstances. They've struggled vs. the run however still the #3 overall defense in yards allowed. With help at NT to replace Williams and signing Vance Walker the defense can be elite next season.

The offense has been atrocious there's no getting around it. I've not been one calling for Kubiak to be fired however if he stays on as the HC the offense must significantly improve in 2017. Injuries to CJ and Janovich have been a setback but the offense should still perform better.

Will be interesting to see how Elway performs rebuilding the line...