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    Carson Palmer Retiring?

    Found this on twitter:

    Jody Oehler ‏@radiojody

    Very interesting: @mikejurecki just told me Carson Palmer has listed his home for sale, pulled kids out of school and moved out of state.

    While that doesn't mean he is, sure looks like he could be. That will be an upheaval for Cards if so, and then what will Fitz do.


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    Reports have been swirling that Carson Palmer is selling his home in Arizona, leading to speculation that the Cardinals quarterback is planning to retire. The problem with those reports, however, is that they are untrue.

    On Wednesday, Palmer said he has not put his house on the market. And for those making a big deal about him leaving the area, the 37-year-old says he and his family do that every offseason.

    There have also been rumblings that Palmer has pulled his kids out of school, but it doesnít sound like that is the case, either.

    Palmer has yet to commit to playing next season, which is why these seemingly personal details have become noteworthy. Heís still under contract with the Cardinals for two more seasons and has said he will wait to see how his body responds this offseason, though the team would like to know his intentions sooner rather than later. For what itís worth, Bruce Arians believes both Palmer and another key veteran are going to be back in 2017.

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    Well his name isnt cutler so he may stick around
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