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    2016 All-Rookie Team

    3 charger players made this list and it really should have been 4 with how well jatavis brown played before he got injured. yet one thing i noticed, the broncos of course have 0 rookies on the list

    you mean to tell me the great elway didn't seem to have a great rookie class last season? okay, you guys had janovich as the best rookie FB, i will give you that at least!

    look at the bright side, at least it looks like elway can cut some checks again, what he does best.

    yeah......that's all i got.

    I'm all in....Chargers fan FOR LIFE!.......worse than getting the electric chair!

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    You "baph-le" me baph!

    As long as you finish poorly, you should end up with some pretty good picks, and as you know, when you win The SB, you do not get good picks. Add to that, we used our late 1st round selection on a QB who was not expected to play much.

    You gotta bring more next time!!

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