I don't always watch The Grammies from beginning to end, but last night I did. Overall I thought it was a very good show, because I like it best when we get more performing and less talking.

Adele was deserving of her awards, and is an amazing singer, but she did mess up in the tribute to George Michael. It was cool that she stopped and started over, although they tell you to keep going when you perform and something goes astray. But I get it, she felt a big responsibility to do it right. The one thing I notice about Adele is, she swears a lot! It's funny, but everytime I see her interviewed or even performing, she seems quite at home dropping F sharps, etc. But I think she wins out in the end, just like she did starting over.

As for Beyoncé.....I used really like her, but I sometimes feel like she acts like she is in a league of her own. I wasn't even sure what that performance was last night. It was confusing to me. Listen, I like her still, but I am not as impressed as others it appears.

Bruno is a super talent. Heck, the dude can even pull off guitar solos! I had just seen him on 60 Minutes, and it was interesting to learn about his poor young days in Honlulu. Quite a success story! Got our tickets, and looking forward to seeing him here this summer!

The Bee Gees tribute was weak in my books. So many stars they could have used, though I do like Lovato, and so many great songs to choose from.

And I have to give it to Ga Ga.....she is as versatile as one can be! She does it all, and usually at a high level!

Other performers I liked......The Weeknd - hey, I am a proud canuck, plus the dude keeps putting out easy to listen to music, Maren Morris - who might want to think about being a rock star, John Legend - who has such a classy style.....and yes, others were good as well!