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    Quote Originally Posted by 58_VONDOOM_92 View Post
    What else is new? Always seems like we are top 5 in toughest schedules.
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    New England gets the easiest schedule just about every year because they are in the same conference with the jokes of the league such as Miami, Buffalo and the Jets. When was the last time any team in the AFC East other than NE had a QB with a pulse? Do you have to go all the way back to Marino? Crazy how lucky the Pats have been to be surrounded by such ineptitude for so long.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joshua2585 View Post
    Of course the Patriots aren't anywhere close to being on the list. Meh.
    Patriots are actually very close to being on that list, they are #12.

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    Of course we have the hardest schedule, we play the Chiefs and Raiders who both finished with really good records. It's not rocket science....

    This is a pointless thread

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    They say that now, then many good teams last year will have bad starts and then it is a non-factor. Teams can change a lot from season to season, sometimes just because of injuries.
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