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    Quote Originally Posted by baphamet View Post
    yet your team isn't much better, is it? i mean at least i can take comfort in the fact that the chargers could have fielded an entire team with the amount of guys they lost for the season and the broncos were one of the healthier teams in the league and still mediocre at best.
    Yea, I'd say 3 superbowl championships and a 9-7 season is a lot better than no superbowl championships and a 5-11 record baph... That's not really close at all...

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    Quote Originally Posted by RunningAces View Post
    If this game was set up, its safe to assume Denver's win last year was also
    Quote Originally Posted by RunningAces View Post
    The league that railroaded the patriots really wanted them to win! Lol, thats as funny as it gets.

    Enjoy 2017 another 6-9 win season.
    What are you even talking about with these? That was entirely different you just throw darts blindly to see if they stick? Or was the back button really too far for you to hit to post this in the other thread?

    You say "another" like we have had a lot of those recently btw...smh

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