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    Quote Originally Posted by Dean View Post
    Is it going to be 100% (not likely) 80% with 20% zone blocking, or some other ratio? My point is we don't know.
    McCoy and his offensive staff will probably game plan based on scouting to decide how to focus the rushing attack in a given game to attack perceived weaknesses and maximize what they think they can do against the opponent.

    That approach, if they actually do it, could result in different ratios of run/pass and angle/zone in the run plays. It could result in a certain ratio at the end of the season with certain games opposite to that.

    Personally, I think it's easier to take a good angle blocker and teach him some zone steps rather than the other way around. If a team wants to physically challenge a defensive front and smack them in the mouth, an angle blocked rushing attack is the way to do it. Angle blocked rushing attacks better facilitate play-action and influence, too.

    We'll just have to wait and see what it looks like on the field. When McCoy switched the offense in mid-season 2011, I charted the plays just to figure out exactly what was happening, especially in the rushing attack. I think I might do that again this year. It's time consuming, but gives the clearest possible picture of what the offense actually is.
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    Okung signed with the Chargers for 4 years @ $53 million with $25 million guaranteed.....

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    With what is shaping up to most likely be a "matador" o-line in Denver next season, which QB would be best suited to "run for their lives" on 3rd downs?

    A) Tony Romo
    B) Trevor Siemian
    C) Paxson Lynch

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    Menelik Watson - T - Broncos

    Broncos signed OT Menelik Watson, formerly of the Raiders.
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    Source: Adam Schefter on Twitter
    Mar 10 - 4:01 PM

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    This was the Broncos solution. Broncos sign T Menelik Watson. Just happened. Link in the scouting forum if you're interested.

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    Now Dunlap is released by the Chargers, so another option is out there. They will keep coming so no rush at all...

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