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    I can understand this.

    NFL these days ......... free agency etc.

    Sometimes you gotta put your foot down. Denver fans are pretty lucky how great an organization we're fans of we don't get pissed as often as other team's fans do at their franchises

    I know I personally could only stand so many years of Jerry Jones before I'd need a break. And the way Jones treated Romo- ...... I can see why he's jumping ship.

    Really it's not so much of him jumping ship as he's STICKING with his fanaticizm
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    Quote Originally Posted by fortdick View Post
    Wondering if, after 55 yrs as a Cowboy fan, if I would be welcome? I go where Romo goes and it looks like the Broncos are going to be my new team.
    Weak sauce.

    You choose a team, get an emotional attachment with them and ride with them through good times and bad for life.

    I have no time for anyone who switches teams or even more stupidly has 2 or more teams they root for.

    You can have other teams you like to see win, I do, but the team you follow is the only one you really care about

    Anyone who switches teams or have multiple teams they root for are just casual NFL fans who can't have a serious claim to any team.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fortdick View Post
    California. About 10 miles from the Oregon state line, on the coast. It was originally Fort Richard, but the locals thought that too pretentious.

    But I know where you were going. No one has ever made a joke about this name before, so you would be the first?
    Do you live near Fort Dick?
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    Some of the fans still with Denver are transplanted fans. There are probably still some Manning fans that still support Denver. Root for which ever team you want to. Most fans here are pretty easy to get along with, as long as you don't start trolling after a bad game.

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