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    I will always have faith in Elway but it is kind of annoying me we seem to be bargain hunting while the Pats are adding good players.

    Did we put too much effort in Campbell and allow other workable deals to go to other teams? Maybe...

    In hindsight he is obviously the type of player we do not want as imo players go to Jax to get paid and lose games.

    Quote Originally Posted by skeeter01 View Post
    Watch Russell Okung flourish next year. If he does, what does that tell you ? Will it say he finally got healthy ? He needed last year to get his groove back ? Our coaching was really poor ? I believe we got new line coaching for next year and the style of blocking will change too. What I do know , is Denver picked up bodies on both lines O & D.....this should allow us to go Best Available in the draft. We'll see what transpires....
    I think he will be better but I still am not sure he is worth what he signed. Problem is a lot of people need OL so if you want to buy one on the free agent market need to over pay.
    Trevor Siemian is not good enough to play QB in the NFL...not even as a backup.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Butler By'Note View Post
    His cousin is 305 pounds, which is a good size for the 3 tech spot. If you get Kyle Peko at 305 playing 3 tech, D Peko and Kerr at 325 and 335 respectively rotating at the 1 tech and then Wolfe at about 290 playing the 5 tech spot. That certainly increases the size of the front and should help fix that run defense.
    domata came into the league at 307 i am sure kylr may be able to bulk up

    oakland raders gm
    latavis murray trade bait

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    Quote Originally Posted by listopencil View Post
    It really would have been nice to see more of Kyle Peko last year to help form an opinion of him. That situation was really weird to me. But, hey, Kilgo got another Super Bowl ring, right?
    He was activated from the PS for the last game of the season and played about 16 snaps.
    "Stultum est timere quod vitare non potes." ~ Publilius Syrus

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    So this means no Hankins?

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