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    NFL considering 10 minute overtime quarter for preseason and regular season

    Is overtime about to get a makeover?

    When the NFL Competition Committee gathers for next week's Annual League Meeting in Phoenix, shortening the game's "fifth quarter" will go under the microscope.

    NFL Network's Judy Battista tweeted Monday that the committee will propose reducing both preseason and regular-season overtime periods from 15 minutes to 10 minutes. Postseason games would keep the traditional 15-minute time limit.

    Why the proposal?

    Battista reported the committee believes there is a "real disadvantage" for a team playing an entire 15-minute overtime period before having to turn around and play a Thursday night game the following week.

    There have been 83 regular season overtime games in the last 5 seasons

    22 of them (26.5%) featured an OT period that lasted 10+ minutes

    The idea is simply in the proposal stage right now -- and not guaranteed to pass -- but it's certainly one of the more intriguing potential rule changes in some time.

    In addition, Battista reported the committee also will propose to have officials, probably the referee, to be phased in to full-time positions by 2020.

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    So instead of getting rid of the Thursday night games that most players and coaches dislike for both preparation and health risk reasons, let's shorten overtime? Really?

    What I didn't understand from the stats they provided was how many of those 22 games over the last two seasons were teams playing on a Sunday that then go on to play on a Thursday. I suspect the percentage would decline, perhaps even drastically.

    I'd rather the rules committee get the catch rule figured out
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    What they have to look at is make them play a full quarter as OT for the Super Bowl... play until there is a winner as the clock runs out.... if it's a tie at one ot... go to,the next....

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