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    Quote Originally Posted by brianmcfarlane View Post
    Jury is out, still.
    There have been many OL/OT that have taken 2-3, sometimes even more years before they become what they ultimately are/were. Thinking of an example is Evan Mathis, now on his 5th team; it took him until 2013 to be selected to the pro bowl, in his first 6 years he only had 22 starts and played for 3 teams before finally having a solid career with the Eagles.

    Eric Fisher was a 1st pick in the draft in 2013, he wasn't looking very good in his second season and then got replaced at LT by ... Donald Stephenson in his 3rd season; he did get that job back a few games later in the season. Now, with a new long term contract it looks like he will be fine?

    Andre Smith, a first round pick by the Bengals in 2009 had a hard time staying healthy his first 2 seasons but started 14 games his 3rd season with a "solid" performance. He has not had any all-pro/pro-bowl awards but PFF did name him to their all-pro team in 2012 - his 4th year.

    There is probably more examples of OL taking a couple years to be what they ultimately are?

    I think they got to give Ty this season to prove, first that he can stay healthy and then that he can compete for a starting job somewhere on the line; I hope at LT where he played at the beginning of his rookie season and where we need someone to step up.
    Plus I think Ty was doing a pretty good job at LT his rookie year until he blew out his shoulder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atwnbroncfan View Post
    Plus I think Ty was doing a pretty good job at LT his rookie year until he blew out his shoulder.

    CP bet with NVthosebroncos that Forrest Lamp will be a solid day 1 starter, barring injury

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    WIth a growing likelihood that CMac comes off the board early, I hope Cook falls to us though I think it would be a miracle if he fell to #19 and the Bucs passed.

    Overall I think I'll be ok with who ever we pick in the 1st round as long as it's not a OT.

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    As a CJ fan, I'm starting to like the idea of CMac because he would be a great utility piece without bwing able to carry the load ( many experts have said he is more of a utility piece and likely won't be able to carry the load on his own). This could help keep CJ healthy and give us a good weapon

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