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    Really? How about last October. Can I assume that you were unaware that the Broncos put DT on the market just before last years October 31 Trade Deadline?
    Well, they were in the middle of an 8 game losing streak, and looked like one of the leagues worst teams. With the team tanking hard, it made sense then to see if somebody would offer a good deal for DT.

    With a new QB and new life this year, they should probably try to give Keenum as much help as possible, trading DT would be the opposite of that strategy.

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    I think you're risking some raised eyebrows in the locker room keeping a guy who hasn't played a snap of camp and hasn't done anything in this league on top of it, over another guy who has busted his tail working to make this team.

    With that being said, we invested a 3rd rd pick in the guy, I'd like to see what he can actually do....would be cool with PS

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