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    Quote Originally Posted by Murph2432 View Post
    7 years but at least he did something. What has Green done? You'll take potential over a guy who has proven he can do it and doesn't have an injury history? Make sense lol. Both of them started their careers very similar and that's sitting behind a pro bowl TE their first four years.
    Barnidge only played one year with Olsen, and he couldnt edge out Ben Hartsock that year. He was behind Dante Rosario and Jeff King before that. Barnidge hasn't proved anything to me other that he can catch the ball when force fed on a losing team who had no other receiving threats. His production dipped with the "emergence" of Pryor. And I put emergence in quotations because his catch percentage was rather pedestrian. Barnidge is Brandon Lloyd in my eyes and apparently a lot of executives think the same as no one has signed him since he has no injury history and I doubt his asking price is particularly high. Even the Patriots haven't signed him and they sign every TE they can.

    I don't even see a need at TE. Derby, Green, and Heuerman can all perform and Butt will be good when he sees the field. McCoy can get more production out of all of these guys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beastlyskronk View Post
    Vs a guy that took 7 years to do anything on the field and only produced on a bottom feeder team forced to pass a lot. Barnidge is the Brandon Lloyd of TEs. At least Green has potential, Barnidge best days are behind him

    Ladarius career is over. He will not play again.
    For now....
    1. Reuben Badass LB; 2. Joe Mixon RB; 3. Jake Butt TE; 3B Sid Jones DB; 4. Bucky Hoges TE; 6. Ryan Switzer WR. Trade for Sheldon Richardson.

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    Quote Originally Posted by underrated29 View Post
    Ladarius career is over. He will not play again.
    A player's best ability is availability and that's something Green cannot provide.

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    For what its worth, last year Barnidge (in a down year compared to 2015) had more receptions and yards than all of our TE's combined....

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