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In football the head coach is responsible for what happens on the field. The season isn't over, but what has already transpired is enough to cost Vance Joseph his job. How the locker room feels about him is crucial and gauging that will be an important part of the decision.

This year's staff started with all new coordinators one of whom was fired. It seemed possible that the coordinators tried to install and call too much. That is on them. There was one game (New England?) where Denver was flagged for 12 men on the field and only had 10 another time. I think it was Special Teams. That's on the coach. The offensive performance has been mired by 18 INTs and 9 FL. Some of that might have been coaching, but a lot of that was players. The D has given up 26 TD passes. Some of that is coaching, but some is players.

Much of what has gone wrong can be attributed to the new staff members, new offense, new DC and STs. Firing Vance Joseph will inevitably result in a new staff again, so it may be reasonably assumed that many of the same errors could be repeated. It isn't an easy decision, but John Elway will make it. Of course, there are plenty who want to see him fired, too. When things go wrong, many feel the solution is to start firing people. Some teams have unsuccessfully tried that. We shall see.
I can't remember the last time we didn't burn a timeout or get penalized for having the wrong number of guys on the field