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    Bad Quarterback Performance Of The Week: Trevor Siemian

    Funny article regarding the offensive play from deadspin

    My favorite sentence from the article is so true "This game was a waste of everyone’s time. It might as well have never happened. So, yes: it was bad."

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    He's terrible, we all know it, just beating a dead horse at this point.

    By this time next year he'll likely be selling insurance, and we'll never have to talk about him again.

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    Easily his worst performance of the season.

    The fact that he's the best option at this point speaks volumes about how terrible the QB situation is.

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    I don't believe Siemian is the "best choice". Now is the time to see what Oz and Patyton can do. We can easily see what Siemian can do (not much), now give others a chance before the off season starts.
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