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    Bronx - My first mock draft

    This is my first mock draft of the offseason, I don't do trades as it gets too messy. I have looked into projections so I don't draft anyone who is projected to go way before I take them. Any questions and comments are always appreciated.

    Round 1 (pick 5) -

    Baker Mayfield, QB - Oklahoma

    Darnold and Rosen will be gone. This pick came down to Mayfield and Barkley, normally I don't like taking RB's too high but barkley is special and we need talent on offense in any form, however I believe that if you don't have a QB you need to get one over anything else.

    Mayfield is tough and a competitor, I see that Rivers fire in him. He can make all the plays and he loves football, guys love playing for him. Baker Mayfield is our new QB.

    Round 2 (pick 40) -

    Anthony Miller, WR - Memphis

    I wanted OL, you guys wanted OL, but I just don't see the value here. Some guys I like will go in round one and I don't like anyone in this spot on the OL. We have been crying out for speed and playmakers on offense and someone to work and stretch the middle of the field and help Sanders and DT.

    After Lynch left Miller has really helped out the new QB, totaling over 2800 yards and 31 TD's over the last 2 seasons. Miller has speed, is an excellent route runner, and reportedly has a fantastic work ethic and passion.

    Round 3 (pick 69) -

    Andre Dillard, OT - Washington State

    Dillard is coming off a great season and has quick feet and a good technique with enough strength to play OT in the NFL. The senior bowl will be interesting for him and some scouts think he can play LT. With him and Bolles it gives us options and the coaches can decide what side is best for these 2.

    Hopefully we can jettison Watson and Stephenson and their contracts in the near future.

    Round 4 (pick 112) -

    Josey Jewell, LB - Iowa

    I feel we need some more depth here and some real competition for Marshall and Davis. Jewell is a little undersized but plays tough and is always around the ball. He is good in space and has the quickness to cover backs and TE's.

    A good comparison would be Kiko Alonso or Danny Trevethan.

    Round 4 (pick 117) -

    Sean Welsh, OG - Iowa

    A strong and tough interior lineman from a good football program, Welsh is coming off a strong year and has the ability to take Garcia's place and be a day one starter. I would love to get rid of Garcia and have Welsh and McGovern battle it out in camp.

    Welsh has battled depression which may put teams off but if we are confident in him then we will get a really good and tough interior lineman.

    Round 5 (pick 150) -

    Jaylen Dunlap, CB - Illinois

    With Talib either leaving this offseason or in the next year or 2 I would like to inject some more youth in the position, and Langley looks a long shot to make much impact going forward. Dunlap has good size and speed and plays physical.

    Last season he played really well against Corey Davis, the 5th overall pick in the draft. He is the leader of the D at Illinois and a good ST's player.

    Round 5 (pick 170) -

    Michael Dickson, P - Texas

    Dixon is young but I'm not a fan of his. We need some competition here. Dickson has a strong leg and just won the Ray Guy award for 2017.

    Round 6 (pick 192) -

    Trey Marshall, S - Florida State

    I have been a big Simmons fan since college but I see Parks as more of a rotational and ST's player. Regardless its good to add some more youth in here and take a flyer on Marshall who is physical and a good tackler. He should be a good ST's player at least.

    Round 7 (pick 224) -

    Kahlil McKenzie Jnr, NT - Tennessee

    Strong and tough to move in the middle of the line, worth bringing into camp and having a look at him.

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    i am not sold on taking a WR over OT, but you think a third round OT can step in an strt it seems.

    oakland raders gm
    latavis murray trade bait

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    NO, NO, NO. Don't give Joseph ANOTHER young QB to ruin! Sign a old washed up QB so it isn't such a loss. With any luck, next season we can get rid of Joseph and Elway, then bring in a young QB and coaches who can properly coach him! Get ILB and O-linemen!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyousukeneko View Post
    i am not sold on taking a WR over OT, but you think a third round OT can step in an strt it seems.
    I think the better lineman are gone before we pick in round 2 and then there is a cluster of 6-7 who will go late 2nd to mid 4th who are fairly interchangeable imo. Our offense needs talent, speed, and a spark.... especially with a new QB who will need help. I think Miller is a playmaker.

    Dillard has NFL starting potential, the senior bowl will tell us more.

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    Would love the Miller pick!

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    I would like this draft but after the senior bowl and combine I see Miller creeping into the first and Dillard into the 2nd.

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