First off thanks for the replies, it did take an awful long time and like anything on these boards its all just opinion.

FR Tim - I think Fitzpatrick is the better choice. Versatile and talented. The ability to cover pass catching TEs while physical enough to be solid against the run game makes him worthy of that #5 pick IMO.

I can't argue with that, Fitz is a great prospect. I just think that if we spend all that money on Cousins and have a legitimate pocket passer then it would be crazy to be starting Garcia. We could gamble on a later round guard but Nelson is a beast and him, Leary, and Paradis should give Cousins a good pocket to throw. One thing that could change this is if the coaching staff are high on McGovern.... and I don't have any idea if they are or not.

MHSalute - I actually see Clev going Barkley number 1 knowing they can grab a QB #4

Cleveland would be stupid not taking a QB at 1, have they not learnt from trading down from Wentz. They are putting together a good roster and have the top QB sitting their at 1, it should be a no brainer taking him.

Kyousukeneko - so chances that rankin drops to us in the second in this scenario or do you think we could trade up for a RT?

I would be amazed if Rankin is not sitting there at our round 2 pick and he would be a nice selection to replace Watson at RT..... someone needs to !!!!!

Beastlyskronk - Curious as to why you have Edmunds as an OLB, he’s more of an inside guy and has some serious coverage skills. I’d flip him and Roquan Smith.

Edmunds has the size to play inside but I think he will be more of an outside LB in the NFL because he has excellent range to go sideline to sideline, is a good pass rusher coming off the edge and is capable of matching up with TE's and RB's coming out the backfield. I think he is pretty good in coverage.

Also I just can’t see Hernandez going that high, his technique throughout the season was so raw. With his strength he can get away with standing straight up and having his hands outside the frame in college but that won’t fly in the NFL especially if he’s asked to play LG.

Hernandez is raw but his ceiling is high and you don't get many interior lineman with his size and quickness, I think he'll fly up the boards as we near the draft, especially after a strong senior bowl week. In an ideal world we draft Barkley or Fitz in the 1st and grab Hernandez in the 2nd but there is no way he falls out of the first imo.

And me personally I’m taking Taven Bryan over Hurst.

Fair enough, they are both similar players. Great potential as interior pass rushers with quickness but a little raw. I prefer Hurst but theres not much between them.