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    Quote Originally Posted by samparnell View Post
    Remedy! People are asking you not to be stranger. Stranger than what?

    Hope you still post. You have been a great mod.
    When the going gets weird.

    The weird get professional sir.

    And i'm sure ill stick my nose around here from time to time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rancid View Post
    It's like reliving the pain when Ol' Yeller died all over again-- say it ain't so!?

    Sorry to see you go dude!
    Loved that movie.....

    Not the old yeller dying part though....

    Adopted Bronco: Andy Janovich

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    Great! Now we have another recruit to help us in the thread called "The offical MODS p0wn the users thread". But seriously, thanks for your service in the thankless mod position.

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