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Thread: N. Suh

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    Quote Originally Posted by -Rod- View Post
    I'd also include Brandon McManus if he does not bounce back this season. $2.75 million salary in 2019, $3 million salary in 2020 for a kicker that only hit 75% of his FG attempts last season.
    You say that, but then the team may end up in a perpetually bad kicking situation like the Vikings of Tampa Bay. I think most teams tend to hold onto guys like McManus because he has shown he can be money in clutch situations and in the postseason. Denver is lucky to only have had a few truly bad kicking seasons in recent memory with the likes of Elam, Prater, and McManus handling kicking duties.
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    I hope the Broncos don’t waste time trying to waste money on Suh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyousukeneko View Post
    if chubb and miller looks good but we don't have the interior pass rusher we need. we may want to sell out on adding suh

    plus imagine this

    Suh and miller stacked up on each other on the same side. what do you do. have like 4 men to block them. one will get free.

    he only signed a 1 year contact with the rams and i feel they will prioritize making sure peters is there. so if he shows end up signing some where else.
    Bruh we don’t need Suh, look at all of our options with the different line ups we can do with the talent a long our Defensive line.

    Seeing this Leads me to believe that we have more talent and abilities to throw so many different schemes out there over everyone else. I like option 1 on 3rd downs but only if we place Walker at the 3 ahead of Wolfe, putting all of our pass rushers on the field but like I said there are so many different routes we can go with this!
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    you can't just put Walker outside again after he just came close to his original weight

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