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    Article is a few days old. I don't know if it can help anyone here, but I thought I'd share.

    Migraine patients can now try three new drugs for prevention

    " "They have a lot of promise and are potentially very important," said Katherine Hamilton, a headache specialist at Penn Medicine. The drugs, which are injected under the skin, offer hope for patients who have not responded to other treatments, but Hamilton said that what is "potentially even more clinically relevant is they have a lower side-effect profile" than other medications commonly used for migraine. She added, though, that it remains to be seen how patients who take them for long periods will fare. As new drugs, their long-term impact is not yet known."

    "Silberstein said insurance is expected to offset erenumab's price tag, about $600 a month, but patients will be eligible only if they have tried other drugs first and found they didn't help. He and Hamilton said some other migraine drugs have similar costs.

    Louis Colburn, 71, a retired police officer and security manager who gets migraines most days of the week, was among the first of Silberstein's patients to try fremanezumab. His headaches, he said, are "just like somebody's got a drill inside your brain." He watched calmly last week as nurse practitioner Rachel Seligman emptied three syringes under the skin of his left thigh.

    The shots should last three months. Silberstein said Colburn should see results in a week. He expects that patients with frequent headaches won't mind getting three shots at once. "If you realized how bad a migraine headache is, the shots don't matter," he said.

    Migraines affect 40 million people in the United States. These drugs were tested in people with chronic migraines, defined as 15 or more headaches a month. One to 2 percent of the population falls into that category."
    Quote Originally Posted by Sophia23 View Post
    Amazing what diet, exercise, and a little more sleep can do for a person. I'm glad to read that it's lessoned a bit pain wise with these changes for you.
    Peanut thanks for posting.

    Sophia - if your neurologist recommends a trial of one of these products, each has programs to assist with benefits verification and substantial savings (eligibile with private insurance from an employer). Each company has a third party to coordinate verification of benefits/prior authorization for the product and savings program.

    For example if the co-insurance cost is $600 and a person is eligible for the savings it would be $5 out of pocket as the savings program covers $595. In some cases the amount covered by the program will be applied to the annual deductible. For a patient with private insurance or cash pay there are no income limits.

    Sharing for information purposes only - no assumptions about anyoneís finances.
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