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I think I mentioned this earlier in this thread, but for those who suffer, check your blood pressure. If you can, buy a blood pressure monitor ($50 - $100) to monitor it 2-3 times a day. If your wallet isn't being kind, check your workplace and ask if they have a nurse that can check it for you. If you start to get a migraine, check your blood pressure as soon as it comes on to see if there's any drastic change. It could be the cause.

I used to have chronic high blood pressure without knowing it. Once I found out a few years ago, I started taking medicine daily for it. It took a couple of years, but I've noticed a few weeks ago that my severe "stay in bed for a day or two" migraines are virtually gone. I haven't had a migraine sick day for a while and I used to get 10--20 a year. I still get chronic headaches and some of them are severe, but they're not migraines and I KNOW it's from stress. And if I do get something close to a migraine, coffee and/or Tylenol + sleep usually knocks it out. Also with those headaches, my blood pressure is elevated.

Now my blood pressure has been great to the point where the doctor cut my dose in half and said that if I continue on the path, he'll take me off of it for good. A good diet plus exercising 3-6 days a week has helped tremendously. And I lost 20 pounds over that 3+ year period. I'm not a heavy person but I was carrying 25 more pounds than when I was an athlete and much more active. Hope all of this helps.
I had my blood pressure checked at the dentist last month and it was very good, somewhat to my surprise because: 1. Iím 47 2. I havenít been very active the last year due to tearing my acl twice. 3. The pressure I have at work.
I was very thankful to find out my blood pressure is good.