Hey folks....this is just a concept right now, but we are considering a new Fantasy Football League from members of Broncos Country. But time is of the essence, so if you want to enter your name, please do so as soon as you can. Depending on the response, we will make a fairly quick decision as to whether we commit to a league or not.

Just a word...no Broncos prizes, given this is not a Broncos Country sanctioned league.

This is a competitive league. We are looking for folks who have some experience. We anticipate that some folks will already be in at least one other league. We also are looking for folks who will finish the season, even if out of contention. That's the goal, although exceptional circumstances are understandable. I think you all can appreciate that a FF league suffers when players do not try to commit to this aspect. When I have played and been out of contention, I actually put extra effort in to become a spoiler. Hey, the waiver process can really help out teams that have had a tough start!

So here's the deal.....consider the basic qualifiers (albeit they are not very rigid), and respond to this thread. The hope is to form at least a 10 player league, preferably 12. Then stay tuned for further developments.