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    Quote Originally Posted by -Rod- View Post
    For a defense with such a good group of edge rushers, it's baffling how much off-man coverage is being used instead of press coverage, Instead of jamming the receivers and giving time for our edge rushers to hit the quarterback, the cornerbacks are often lining up 8 yards behind the line of scrimmage, giving up quick completions that kill the pass rush. It does not make any sense.

    Vance Joseph is obsessed with that "gotcha" play that resulted in Justin Simmons' interception last week. The cornerback lines up deep and leaves a huge open space for the receiver, luring the quarterback, then a defender in the box runs to the zone of the hitch route and looks for the interception. They tried that again against the Raiders. It worked once against the Seahawks, but they are doing this sort of thing way too much and leaving the receivers with too much free space to run.

    The corners are not playing enough press, Bradley Chubb is standing up and being asked to play coverage like an off-the-ball linebacker. Vance Joseph is making things more complicated than they should be. I don't think Joe Woods would be playing this kind of complex zone defense if he had total authority to run his own scheme, especially after working with Wade Phillips.
    I also was a little surprised they didn't play more press-man towards the end of the game, especially on third downs, given Woods' pedigree. I know last season they moved more towards zone coverage to try and give the DBs a break, because man is very demanding on them. I think they need to make some moves next offseason to either bring in a vet that can do man, but also get someone in college that played well in a man coverage D. It worked well under Wade with Von and company.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joshua2585 View Post be special.
    Even if the Broncos lost today, I'd be saying the same thing. There were a couple huge plays, miscues, missed tackles, etc. that gave the Seahawks a chance. All things that can be cleaned up.

    The only thing I'm worried about is Case. I really hope he can fix the issues he had today.

    The O-line played significantly better than they did all last year. Case and Musgrave have explosive offensive weapons coming out of their ears. The defense is as advertised, minus a couple miscues. If today is any indication, we may actually be competing with KC for the AFCW.
    I would agree “If” we had a couple more quality offensive linemen & a defensive coordinator. Overall talent level is at least top ten.

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