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    Official Game Day Thread: 2018: Week 4 Chiefs Vs Broncos

    Hello Broncomaniacs,

    Getting the Jump on the MNF game. We need the extra day after last Sundays assault to the fandom. I hate early starts of east coast games.
    Vance seemed to have the team less prepared than usual, and the penalties were either dumb, or phantom calls against us. Either way from coaching and players side, the team was unprepared to to take on the Ravens. We can agree that we certainly underwhelmed last week for whatever reason.

    As their reward now they get to go home and try to stop the Red Hot Chiefs under Patrick Mahomes. This could get ugly fast if Denver doesn't
    pull it together on offense, defense and coaching. Andy Reid know how to exploit this team as he has won 5 of the last six and swept us the past two seasons. They won the last 3 years they visited Mile High. The Chiefs are averaging 39 points a game, we gotta slow their roll.

    So here we stand at 2-1 Same as we were last season at this time. Mahomes has thrown for 13 TDs to Keenum 3. Hill and Kelce are doing their thing while Hunt is trying to get it going. Lindsay has more yards than Hunt and is averaging 6 yard per attempt while Hunt is 3.2 So if we can keep him from throwing some fisticuffs maybe we can use him to slow down the game. I'm hoping the Keenum to Sanders connection pays off some more.

    SO how do we do in game 4 of the season? Well we are a pretty OK 8-2 over the last 10 seasons. Of the 8 wins, 6 were at home and 2 were on the road. Of the 2 both were on the road. Hopefully after last weeks beating, we will come out on fire and try to show we are a force and in the running for the AFC West.

    KC defense though is allowing opponents to drive and score. In three games KC has given up 92 first downs. That might help Case out some.
    Denver is avg 20.3 Points per game. We need an A+ performance to stop KCs streak. We don't want to be two games down after 4 weeks.
    So let's rally around our team and hope for the pass rush to get there. It's Monday Night. Time for the Broncos to shine int he prime time spotlight! Let's put beating on KC

    This will be a tough one, so emotions will run high. Lets hope for a good game where we emerge healthy. Please as always follow the COC and watch what you post. Let's make it as easy as we can for the Mods, who always do a great job here and have no control over how the team performs. Let's do our best. Most of all let's hope for the "W" AS always GO BRONCOS!!!
    The Game Day Thread: Year 15 Now in progress.

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    Even after last week, I am still hopeful for a win against KC.

    Thanks, Elway!

    Go Broncos!!


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    Let's go Broncos!!!!
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    Lets go Broncos! You can do this!

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    Go broncos!

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    Go Broncos!

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    I've always feared Reid in our division, as he's appeared to do for KC what he did with Eagles for so many years - Keeping them as top contenders in the run for the SB. However, more than I fear Reid and Mahomes - I believe that division rivalries are most common for upsets ... This year may not be the best example since the Patsies aren't off to their best start, how many times have the Patriots been hot, when the dolphins beat them-it always helps me keep the faith when were the underdog in the rivalry. We're at Mile High - the only other thing I'm hoping for with all my silly superstitions, is that everyone will pick KC in their pregame show picks - love us for a win when the all pick against the Broncos.

    Can't wait for Monday night!!

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    Let's go Broncos. Show me that you can stand up against a tough opponent and punch them in the mouth in your own home. Let's come out with a W on Monday night
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    Prediction: Broncos sack Mahomes 4 times and pick him off twice. Broncos win 31-24.

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    We are at home, division rival, we better win this game.
    If we lose it, is time to rethink things a little.
    We should be able to win this game.

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    Oh good, the game day thread is up already.
    I've been wanting to go "Go Broncos!" all day

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    Go Broncos!!!!!!

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    My Supervisor is a Chiefs fan...

    Need that W, lol.

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    Big game, if we win we go to 3-1 with a pretty favorable schedule going forward. If we lose then KC is already going to be tough to catch in the division.

    I am always confident at home, I think we will move the ball on them. We need to be better in the RZ and somehow limit their big play threat Tyreek Hill.

    I think we match up well with KC and it should be a good closely fought game.

    I can see there being 50+ points in this game

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    I think we will be looking at a 3-1 record after tomorrow

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