Hey Broncomaniacs,

Welcome to another week of How the Horse Turns. The Dramatic Football Opera of the Denver Broncos, to where a QB missing a wide open receiver is the difference over being first or being two games behind after 2 weeks. Where the emotions of posters here go on a confusing roller coaster highs and lows each game. This is the NFL.

We were in lasts weeks game, we had a chance. The Defense is not the No Fly ZoneAnymore. They may be the Frequent flyer zone. Mahomes passed for 304 Yards. The Pass rush always seems to get to him a half of a second too late. It was hard to watch. Freeman and Lindsay were killing it on the ground , yet Vance still put too much on Case's arm. There were issues, the Chiefs got away with false starts, delay of games and apparently an illegal hit by Hunt. Had some things go against us, but this is the NFL.

That game is over, and now the 2-2 Broncos get their 2nd east coast trip for an early game time start. Because the Ravens one went so well for us two weeks ago. It is what it is and this teams needs to rally. They have too much talent to fail as often as they do. They need to turn it around and quick, this week against the Jets is as good as any cuz after that we face the Rams.

The Jets won't be easy, they have the 13th ranked Defense, Denver the 16th. Strange but true. We have the 15th ranked offense to their 27th. In the run game we have the # 2 rushing attack vs to their 27th. Sam Darnold may one day be a great QB, now it the time to get our licks in on him.

How do we do in week 5 game?, Over the last decade we went 5-5. Kinda MEH. Of the 5 wins two were at home, three on the road. Of the 5 losses three were at home and 2 on the road. As a note of fact in 2014 it was in week 5 that we faced the Jets in New York. Denver won 23-0

King is done as a punter, which is good news because he was awful. We signed him for 3 years and he last 4 games, must have left his leg in Oakland, Now if Musgrave can come up with better offensive plays. Lindsay is avg 5.9 yards a carry. Freeman can be a beast too. I'd rather see us run than rely on Keenum at this point. Sanders should have had a field day against KC last week. DT & Sanders combined last week for 9 Catches for 69 yards. Sutton and Heuerman had 7 for 108 yards. It is on the receiver, the QB or the playcaller.

This teams needs to wake up. This week a bit earlier than normal. We need a win and to start looking like the team we can be. Don't be a first or 2nd half team, be a 60 minute tea. (or more for OT)

No matter what though we still need to follow the COC. Please watch what you say and how you say it. Report posts to the Mod staff if you think there is a violation or it is questionable. That's why they are here. Let's hope for a good game, Especially with a new punter. Hopefully we emerge healthy and with a much needed "W" Thanks to all who come here and post here each game. We couldn't do it without you. As always, GO BRONCOS!