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    Iím taking the gamble on Matt Campbell. Would be a huge risk, but heís had success everywhere, and does a lot with little talent.

    Is an offensive minded coach. Would need to surround himself with an experience staff but you donít see ISU beat themselves very often that discipline is needed IMO

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    We can continue to rely on Joseph. The end of the First half proved that. That was a 6 point swing in favor of the Texans. We should have got the 3, but because of poor clock management, missed a three because they didn't call a time out they had and was rushed due to game clock almost down to 0 and for 61 yards, just too rushed. Give the ball to the Texans who dance it up the field for a field goal. If we had just got that three, that would have changed it to a win, instead of a loss.
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    Andy Riedís Coaching Tree is phenomenal. I say David Toub is the Hire.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mojo0730 View Post
    You need a quarterback first, people. No coach can win consistently in this league without one.
    The thing is, this team could be 6-3 or even 7-2 right now but they arenít because our coaching is absolutely abysmal. From personnel decisions to clock management to the downright idiotic playcalls, the coaching has been the biggest issue by far with this team.

    Jewell and Davis are not Shazier or Thompson or any of these other super athletic LBs, no reason for them to be matched up against WRs in the slot. They didnít even play AJ Johnson today. Stewart shouldíve been benched last season, it shouldnít take an injury to realize heís a liability. Yiadom should be playing over Jones and Brock. Walker shouldnít have been inactive so long this season. Why is Bolles still starting at LT? We have to stop running these stupid counter runs that take forever to develop. The pass plays take too long to develop and our weak spots on the oline are constantly being exposed because of it. Sanders can win quickly like Thielen and Diggs did for Keenum in Minnesota, he doesnít need to run a 15 yard route to gain 15 yards. And of course the clock management is absolutely garbage. Every 2 minute drill it seems like weíre trying to settle for a long FG attempt instead of trying to get a score.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThreeGees View Post
    If w move on from Vance than we have to move on from Elway and his whole staff. The whole house must be torn down and be rebuilt.
    Seems like throwing the baby out with the bath water is a little too much at this point. Elway had a recent draft that I believe is solid. I have a feeling he has learned from his past drafts. Don't underestimate the guy.

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