Just got to make your free throws and hit your open looks. But this is a young team that isnít used to the grind of an 82 game season and the playoffs after. It really showed with Morris and Beasley off the bench with how their 3 point percentages plummeted, not sure if Murray was the same story as heís always kind of inconsistent like that but itís possible. I donít think Harris or Barton ever found their rhythm after their injuries. Barton is best served as a 6th man though.

Definitely need to stop the midair passes, thatís a turnover the majority of the time in the postseason. We got beat on the boards because Jokic and Milsap are both under the rim players. Canít rely on tips to close out a possession.

Good season though, definitely put us on the map and now maybe some big FAs will seriously consider us. If not, itíll be interesting to see the addition of MPJ and if he can play the 4 spot effectively. If he can there may never be a defensive big in the paint in our halfcourt sets.